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Cold Reading

Audition/Rehearsal Prep- Cold Reading

This class is a systematic approach to Michael Shurtleff's

12 Guideposts. This method of script analysis empowers the actor to make strong, personal, active choices. This technique absolutely transforms your auditions, as well as your approach to the rehearsal process. This class is perfect for the actor with a BA or BFA in acting - or the experienced actor who has been away from the craft for a while. Outside reading is required.


16th Street Theatre Artistic Director Ann Filmer or an equivilant industry professional guest directs towards the end of the term.


*This class is designed to be repeated



PREREQUISITE: Admission determined by Headshot/Resume

8 WEEKS - $395

Mondays 6-10pm

begins Feb 27th

with Adrianne Cury


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"Cold Reading has taught me to make strong choices on new and unfamiliar work and stick to my choices."

-J. Riddle


"Cold Reading has helped me look at my scenes with way more depth." -J. Robinson



Kurt Nabig Free Class




The relationship between the Actors - Moments of Discovery for the Actor in the Scene - The Actors motivating Importance - Finding the Humor in the Scene during the Audition process - Secrets in Acting - The Moment Before the Scene starts - Mystery in the Scene - Finding the "Opposites" in the monologue

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