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Voice for the Actor with Barbara Zahora

Voice for the Actor is designed to introduce the complete vocal instrument to the beginning performer, and to refine the vocal production of more advanced actors. 


In this course we will fully explore your voice – from the foundation of discovering complete breath and relaxation to the free and open production of sound.   


In addition, we’ll be exploring your areas of resonance, how to project sound healthfully, articulation and how to animate different kinds of texts, and the particular adjustments needed for performing in different mediums (stage, on-camera, etc.). 


Using the methodologies of Kristin Linklater, Patsy Rodenburg, Stewart Pearce and others, we’ll exercise key components of the vocal mechanism and then apply what we’ve learned to monologue and script material.



limited to 12 students


5 WEEKS- $325

Thursdays 6-9pm


with Barbara Zahora


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Kurt Nabig Free Class




The relationship between the Actors - Moments of Discovery for the Actor in the Scene - The Actors motivating Importance - Finding the Humor in the Scene during the Audition process - Secrets in Acting - The Moment Before the Scene starts - Mystery in the Scene - Finding the "Opposites" in the monologue

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