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Superscenes: Acting, Archetype, and Neuroscience


Superscenes are physical improvisations based in a given text and in archetypal storytelling. They employ Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey as a means of uncovering the deeper strains in a piece of dramatic writing. Superscenes are also centered in the latest neuroscientific finding concerning memory and biological responses to acting and reaction.


Their purpose is:

• To Mine the essentials of accepted acting theory while finding ways to access more primally based human behavior in actors

• To Restore a focus on storytelling that has been lost in the rush to create complex characters with arresting physical and vocal lives

• To Uncover the mythical bones buried within every piece of dramatic writing, the skeletal framework upon which hangs the language and drama of the play itself

• To Focus on the actor’s body as the only place where the conflict inherent in drama can be animated.


Designed for students with previous theatre training and experience.


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Limited to 12 Students


10 weeks- $495 + 25 book fee ($520 total)

Sundays 1-4:30p

begins Jan 29th

with Jane Brody






Jane Brody, CSA, SAG/AFTRA, AEA is the founder of Jane Brody Casting in Chicago (now PR Casting) and Acting Studio Chicago which began as The Audition Centre in 1981. Her first book,The Actor’s Business Plan: A Career Guide for the Acting Life, Bloomsbury Press, is available on Amazon and at other bookstores worldwide. Jane tours internationally doing workshops in career building, Shurtleff audition techniques, camera methods, Stanislavski analysis, She also does summer retreats for actors and teachers in Superscenes; an acting method she created based on her study of neuroscience and archetype. Jane has been a citizen of the theatre since age fourteen beginning as an actress, and moving on to become a stage director, producer, actor’s agent, and casting director. Jane received the Casting Society of America's Best Location Casting award for the Coen brothers film, Fargo. As an actress, she performed at theatres such as The Guthrie in Minneapolis, Drury Lane, Chicago, Los Angeles Actors' Theatre and the Merle Oberon Theatre where she received the Los Angeles Weekly's Best Actress Award for her work in Absent Friends by Alan Ayckbourn. While in Los Angeles Jane was mentored by Michael Shurtleff and began her teaching career under his tutelage. Jane recently retired as Associate Professor in Performance at The Theatre School, Depaul University in Chicago. Prior to that, she was head of undergraduate acting at Louisiana State University. Jane’s second book, Acting, Archetype, and Neuroscience: Superscenes for Rehearsal and Performance by Routledge Press was released in September 2016.













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